Davis Vision Insurance Benefits Accepted at Torrington Eyecare by Dr. Yang

Davis Vision Insurance benefits are now accepted at Torrington Eyecare by Dr. Angela Yang. Many patients have asked for it, so we have completed the credentialing process and are now able to see Davis Vision patients as an in network doctor provider and facility.  A few local companies have recently switched to Davis Vision as their vision rider, most notably some O and G industries employees, and as such we felt compelled to support our fellow local businesses decisions by offering in network care.

To schedule an appointment to use your benefits for exams, glasses, or contacts please call 860-482-4439




Affordable / Inexpensive Glasses Available at Torrington Eyecare

Looking for affordable (not cheap, cheap implies these frames are poorly made), budget friendly, inexpensive eye glasses in Torrington and Litchfield county? Look no further! It is that time of year again… Frame CLEARANCE AND CLOSEOUT time that is!

The Deal: Buy any pair of lenses at retail cost and receive your designer frames 100% free of charge.

This year we have over 200 frames and sunglasses from designers such as Guess, Hugo Boss, O&X, Trussardi, Kenneth Cole, Candies, Catherine Denuve, Coach, Sketchers, Rampage, and many more. Some of our frames have an original retail price of over $500!

Still have a pair of glasses that work well? Now is the time to invest in a cost effective second pair of spectacles or a new pair of prescription sunglasses.  But hurry in this deal will not last long and when we are out of frames the deal ends for another year. Stop in soon to get the best selection of styles, shapes and colors…

Don’t miss this deal, there is no better time of the year to get new glasses at a deep discount. For details, call Allison at 860-482-4439 or stop in and talk with one of friendly staff members.

***Please understand that no other offers, discounts, insurance benefits, or coupons can be combined with the free frame offer.***


Torrington / Litchfield chiropractor Dr. Leonard Kocis died on Saturday June 15 2013

We have just received news that chiropractor and friend Dr. Leonard Kocis has passed away. Today we remember him as a smiling face, an excellent doctor, and most of all an asset to the Torrington and Litchfield communities. Rest in peace Dr. Kocis, you will be missed…


40% Off A Complete Pair of Prescription Sunglasses – Including Ray-Ban

It’s that time of year again, when the days get longer, the sun is in our face driving to work, we start spending more time outside, and the rays of the sun become more damaging to our eyes.  It is time to get a pair of prescription sunglasses, STOP PUTTING IT OFF.  We all have excuses for not doing what is right for our bodies, and our eyes, but at least “I can’t afford prescription sunglasses” can be taken off the list now.

We changed our name to Torrington Eyecare 4 years ago this week, and to celebrate the long awaited spring and summer we offering 40% off any complete pair of prescription sunglasses. Unlike other opticals, we are even including our premium brands like Ray-Ban, Caviar, Lafont, Trussardi, Marc Jacob, and many more.

All you have to do to get the discount is mention this promotion to one of staff members by August 31st 2013, and then purchase a complete pair of prescription sunglasses (frame and prescription lenses).  Please note that we cannot offer this discount on previous purchases or non-prescription sunglasses. This offer may not be combined with any other discount, offer, coupon, or insurance benefit.


40% off a complete pair of prescription sunglasses


Ray-Ban Sunglasses Now Available at Torrington Eyecare

Ray-Ban Sunglasses are now available at Torrington Eyecare!  We have had so many patients ask for them by name so today we are happy to announce that you can now purchase prescription and non-prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses in our optical.

Although you should wear sunglasses all year long, the peak season for ultraviolet rays will be here soon, so stop in today and try on a cool pair of new shades. Dr Sirignano is personally fond of the aviator style (just in case you were wondering)…

Check out our facebook page here to see our current discount on sunglasses (including Ray-Ban).

Ray-Ban Sunglasses at Torrington Eyecare


SNOW DAY. Closing on Feb 8th 2013 and possibly Feb 9th

Please note that our office will be closed on Friday the 8th and possibly on Saturday the 9th due to the impending blizzard. If you have an appointment scheduled during the storm, a staff member will call to reschedule. We apologize for the inconvenience. Stay warm and safe and we will see you soon!


Can wearing old glasses cause eyestrain or headaches in my child?

Recently a patient posed the following questions to me, and I figured we would share the answers with all of our faithful facebook and website readers.

Question 1: Can my child experience headaches or eyestrain by using a prescription that is not correct?

Question 2: Can permanent vision loss occur in my child if I do not make sure they are wearing a current eyeglass prescription?

My answer to these questions is lengthy, but is located below and is important for all parents of young children to read and understand.

The answer to both questions is “Maybe”
The distinction between a hyperopic (far-sighted) patient and a myopic (near-sighted) patient is crucial in answering your questions. A child that is hyperopic can most certainly experience headaches and eyestrain using a spectacle prescription that is not strong enough.
This happens because the muscles in and around the eyes are capable of flexing to make up for the additional prescription that is required in the distance. This becomes a problem because those muscles are designed to only be used when near work is presented.   These muscles are very small and can fatigue easily when used improperly, which leads to eyestrain and headaches.
Children that are myopic may experience no symptoms other than blur in the distance if they are using glasses that are too weak for them.  In fact we sometimes intentionally leave our myopic children slightly undercorrected in an attempt to slow the progression of their myopia.
Only an Optometrist can determine if your child is myopic or hyperopic, and a complete eye exam including cycloplegic refraction is highly recommended by the age of 5 to rule out accommodative problems or latent hyperopia.  These conditions mean that the child’s ocular muscles work too hard or not enough and can lead to permanent vision deficiencies if not caught during this critical time period – typically before age 5.  Many times these conditions are missed by pediatricians and school screenings so it is important that your child have an eye exam with an Optometrist with experience in pediatric care.
If a child had one of these conditions and was wearing the incorrect prescription, permanent vision loss will almost always be the result.
True myopic children have very little risk for acquiring amblyopia (permanent visual distortion usually in one eye) by wearing the wrong Rx, but as I said sometimes a child is diagnosed as being near-sighted but really has an accomodative issue that has gotten missed because no cycloplegic refraction was performed. In these cases the child is at great risk of permanent damage.
If you have a child that has not been seen for a comprehensive eye exam and is now 5 years or older, it is time to schedule them.  Give our office a call at 860-482-4439 to schedule today…

Torrington Eyecare Offers Free Preschool Vision Screenings at Kindergarten Readiness Fair 1/12/2013

Torrington Eyecare and Volunteers from the local branch of the Lions Club International have teamed up to provide free vision screenings at the upcoming All-District Kindergarten Readiness Fair on Saturday January 12th 2013. The fair will be located at Torringford Elementary School (800 Charles Street, Torrington CT). Along with the vision screenings, the fair will include Play & Learn, hands-on “stations” to help support the development of children’s early literacy, math, gross and fine motor skills. Also featured will be Story Time stories read by local and state officials, firefighters and police officers, children’s entertainment and raffle prizes.

We hope to see all of our youngest members of our community and their parents at this very important community event from 10 AM – 1PM.


12-27-2012 Delayed Opening. Our office will open at 10:30 AM

Due to the weather we will open at 10:30am instead of 8:30 AM today. If your appointment time is affected by this change an office member will call to move your it to another time to accommodate your schedule. Please stay safe and we will see you soon!

We apologize for the inconvenience….


Torrington Eyecare Will Be Open As Regularly Scheduled on Wed Oct. 31st

The storm has passed, we have power and our staff members have weathered the storm.  We will reopen Wed. Oct. 31st as scheduled at 11am. Please check our homepage prior to your visit for any last minute changes that may occur.  See you soon!

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