Fish Oil For Macular Degeneration – Eye Omega Advantage With Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Prevent macular degeneration (aka age related macular degeneration, senile macular degeneration, AMD, or ARMD) by taking eye omega advantage fish oils with lutein and zeaxanthin. Recent studies have shown that you can now greatly reduce your risk of getting macular degeneration without the use of prescription medications.

You may be thinking to yourself, “that’s great, I am already taking fish oils, and i take a daily multivitamin, so I should be safe.” Although this is a good start to ensure long-lasting eye health and vision, store bought omega 3′s and multivitamins do not contain the quality ingredients or the clinically significant dosages that have been found to be helpful in numerous wet and dry AMD studies, which means you may be throwing money away on supplements that are providing you little to no ocular benefits.

Luckily, there are a few companies that are currently making prescription grade fish oils that contain the study recommended dosage of omega 3s in a triglyceride format (the triglyceride form is more easily absorbed and ultimately more available in your bloodstream for your eyes and body to use). Unfortunately fish oils alone are only one part of the equation, studies have shown that other vitamins a minerals are important when used in combination with omega 3′s. I have personally tried 4 products from 4 different companies and have come to a conclusion that the EYE OMEGA ADVANTAGE product from physician recommended nutraceuticals ranks #1. This conclusion has been based on the following criteria: appropriate levels of omega 3 fish oils in a triglyceride format per dose, pill size and quantity required, lack of fishy flavor or “fish burp”, combination of lutein and zeaxanthin levels appropriate to study formularies, and cost per month for treatment.

Most of my hundreds of dry macular degeneration patients take these supplements and we have seen a drastic decrease in the number patients converting from dry macular degeneration to wet macular degeneration over the last year. Most of my patients are also taking an AREDS vitamin (ICAPS) that provide study appropriate levels of essential vitamins. Again a multivitamin like centrum or centrum silver does not contain adequate levels of AREDS vitamins.

This regimen is not suitable for all patients however, especially smokers, because of the high levels of vitamin A in the AREDS formulation which has been shown to increase the incidence of lung cancer. Therefor no one regimen of supplements is perfect for everyone worried about developing macular degeneration. You should consult an optometrist before starting any supplement treatments, so you can be sure you are taking what is right for you!

If you are looking for advice on which supplements you should be taking based on your risk factors, please call Dr. Sirignano’s office at 860-482-4439 to set up a consult. If you have already met with him or another eye doctor and have been given the ok to start treatment, you can visit the link below for more information on the eye omega advantage neutraceuticals.

Click here for more information on eye omega advantage

As a thank you for visiting our site, here is a coupon code to receive 10% off every order you make on the physician recommended neutraceuticals site – simply enter the following code: TorEyeCare10 in the promotional code or coupon code box at checkout. Without this code the company may not ship your order to you since these supplements are only sold with a doctor’s recommendation, this code will also ensure that the company knows you are taking them as directed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office!

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